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Metro bitcointalk

metro bitcointalk

201 Delegierte hatten ihre Stimme abgegeben. Brunnstein (in German Spass am Absturz and employment agencies work from home jobs Gesammelte Pannen Analyse und Evaluation der Softwareentwicklung in Deutschland Nancy Leveson : Safeware.J. Hence General Mack von Leiberich forfeited the first battle near Ulm on september 25th 1805 loosing.000 soldiers. See also Explaining the Excel Bug and Verflixte Multiplikationen. SEN computer horror stories (or here ) Vancouver Stock Market Index, bart, Weather Prediction, airplanes, Norad, and much more. Toll Collect: Problems with toll billing system for trucks based on GPS and GSM Risk Digest.94 subj.1,.65 subj 6,.69 subj.1,.72 subj 6,.21 subj.1.82 subj 3 Computer world article, road traffic article, Public. Year 2010 bug on German bankcards (Jan 4 2010 German bank cards hit by 2010 bug,.

Software, bugs, software, glitches

Problems with Mars Global Surveyor (Incorrect addresses see also JPL, Risk digest.63, Spaceref article and Slashdot article See also Loss of data from Huygens probe. Attcrash webpage with the C code and Time Magazin 1990: Ghost in the machine. Soho, gyros, no power. Submarine Bug: Sinking of the Squalus, see also Sinking of Thetis, also here Equator F-16 inversion: Lectures on Testing, Simulation Bugs, Risk digest.44 subj 1, Illustrative Risks. Stories for Computation: Why Care is Needed (Cerro Grand Fire (wrong model for fire Cassini-Huygens, Hubble (small value, but not zero Apollo 11 (gravity considered as repulsive instead of attractive Vincennes, Ozon whole (dramatic data vlaues were rejected by software). Shifted Story: Building a railway line from Austria to Germany in the last century; at the meeting point there is a difference in altitude.8 m, because Germany refers to the North Sea and Austria to the Mediterranean Sea. Further Keywords: The urban legend: Neuron Net and tank recognition The funny Hi-Tech Toilet Glitch Further Banking Bugs: Bank of America, US Federal Reserve System, Westpac (Loss of accounts, wrong transfers, ATM teller) (see trenches, Softwarequatest, Probleme der Datenverarbeitung, Horror. London Millenium Bridge, wobbling (compare Tacoma Bridge) (Simulation fails because of wrong estimates for pedestrian forces, 2000) Arup: MilleniumBridge/, Arup: We have fixed the Millenium Bridge, Opening, Testing, Wobbling.

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Risks.edu/dna/disasters/ Sleipner, Ariane 5, Patriot Accuracy and Reliability in Scinetific computing Poorly designed User Interface (Vincennes,.) New book, Nancy Leveson: Engineering a safer World SW reliability, David Jefferson Estimating Costs of poor Software: Iceberg Project SW-Pannen 2013 SW-Pannen 2012 Ramsey. Recent Bugs, boeing 737 MAX 8: Report on Lion Air Crash, Indonesia, Summary of Lion Air report, The New Yorker on Ethiopian Airlines crash, March 2019, FAA and Boeing, Aviation Blog: More shocking facts, Delay of software update and government shutdown. Das Raumfahrtprogramm der USA ist abhängig von Ersatzteilen, die nicht mehr produziert werden. Die Satzung begrenzt die Zahl der Vertreter der Basis aber auf 200. Parnas Elektronikfehler. Bei genauer Betrachtung ist zwei plus zwei eben drei, Stuttgarter Zeitung,.6.2002: Von Rainer Klüting und Renate Allgöwer. Kartsen, Globalization and Time, page 161. Collections of Bugs: Risks Digest: /Risks/.B.

25 fortran-Code nasa, Additional Information on code bugs Mariner software bug is now considered to be an urban legend, see risk digest.75 subj 1, risk digest.54 subj 1, wikipedia. Radio Telescope VLA, calibration (rounding error, ) setjy setjy bug notice flux density calibration AT THE VLA, incorrect rounding, See also Software problem handling in VLT. Bitcoin integer overflow 2010: Satoshi, bitcoinmagazine, The Shayan, bitcointalk, Bruno bitfalls, Bitcoin transaction, related bitcoin transaction, security bug in the open-source OpenSSL cryprography library Heartbleed Wikipedia, Heartbleed, Graphical Explanation. ISS: Cygnus - antares Absturz, orbital ATK Cygnus explosion, nasa. Lines: up to 200 000 errors. ATM, Sueddeutsche Zeitung, : Glückspilz mit Geldsegen ohne Geheimzahl Manche Zeitgenossen ohne Zahlengedächtnis mögen sich in den vergangenen ersten Tagen des neuen Jahres als Glückspilze gefühlt haben: Ganz ohne Geheimzahl konnten Postbank-Kunden mit ihrer Sparcard bis Montagabend unbegrenzt Geld abheben. B., California Institute of Technology, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena aiaa IN: Astrodynamics Conference, Williamsburg, VA, August 18-20, 1986, Technical Papers (A ). Klickt man diesen Schalter an, rechnet Excel exakt mit den Zahlen, die auf dem Bildschirm angezeigt sind. See also ml#subj4 ml#subj9 ml#subj7 Banana Software: Let the Software ripe at the customer!

metro bitcointalk

Space shuttle software Endeavour rendezvous error: when is xy?, nasa buying old 8086 chips for space shuttle Space shuttle fuel sensor, 2007, see also here Space Station computer problem: faulty switch, June 2007, see also here and here. Safety and Hazard Analysis: Therac 25, nasa Space Shuttle Safety Accident reports (MCO, metro bitcointalk MPL, Ariane 5, Challenger, Titan/Centaur/Milstar, Airbus Warsaw,.) trenches Bank of America, US Federal Reserve System, Iranian Airbus, Department of Motor Vehicles California, Lion King. Sound System German 'Bundestag December 1992: Risk Digest.19 subj.1,.20 subj.1,.74 subj.1. Railway Bug Inverse Story: One track of the line Rostock - Schwaan had to be pulled down and brought to Russia after World War II as reparation; on both sides they pull down the right track! Kriesel, Spektrum der Wissenschaft, Kriesel Webpage, English version. For videos use and search for Ariane, 5, 501, explosion Problems with Ariane 5: flight 157 report, flight 157 short, General information on Ariane: Astronautix and ESA.

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28 For general nuclear accidents see: Mayak and Kyshtym, 1957 Windscale, 1957 Harrisburg, Three Miles Island, 1979 Chernobyl, 1986 Accidents in nuclear plants Kruemmel and Brunsbuettel, 2007. Similar problem with trains: Railway flat train wheels. Hypo Real Estate: wrong booking - mix-up here and here, and here. Lufthansa LH 44, Hamburg: crosswind landing (ground versus flight mode), or here. Background information Mobileye, more, and more, and more. Deshalb tat das Programm etwas sehr Logisches: Es interpretierte den extremen Luftdruckabfall als Messfehler - und ignorierte ihn. Hubble, data formatter and control unit for sending data to earth fails (2008).

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Other HRE glitch: here. Airbus 380 wiring matching problems: Toulouse and Hamburg working with different versions of CAD Software. Das best?tigte Unternehmenssprecher Hartmut Schlegel: «Aufgrund eines Softwareproblems konnten bei allen anderen Geldinstituten ausser der Postbank selbst mit beliebigen Pincodes Euro abgehoben werden, ohne dass das Sparkonto mit der abgehobenen Summe belastet wurde.» Zwar habe die Postbank bereits. Heisenberg effect and monitoring: By collecting information to analyse target system behavior, one is altering that very behavior Online Monitoring: A Tutorial, page 3,. Euro Conversion 1 euro.95583 DM -.01.01 Euro and.01 euro.02. Other rocket error: Sea Lunch Zenit 3SL rocket malfunction because of software logic error Other problem: Cryosat rocket fault: Problem with the onboard software flight control system caused failure of the shutdown of the engine of the second stage. ISS International Space Station (Computer bugs) Russian Software glitch delaying ISS Launch, here, Software glitch shakes space station, Space Station / Space Shuttle Software glitch, Space shuttle computer glitch, ISS Computers CNN, April 28, 2001 Risk Digest vol. Space Disasters: Role of Software in Spacecraft Accidents by Nancy Leveson (MCO, MPL, Ariane-5, Titan/Milstar, soho) Space accidents The Challenger Accident and Columbia accident, see also Apollo 1 and Apollo 13 Nedelin catastrophe Soyuz 1 and Soyuz.

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Leitenberger metro bitcointalk on Voyager Computer in der Raumfahrt nasa fixes bug and Data system ml#subj3.1 Usure et pannes Sequencing Voyager II for the Unranus encounter morris,. Voyager 2 (Wrong Starting Estimate of Uranus mass in Iteration, Data Compression, 1986) Probleme der Datenverarbeitung: Voyager 2, Spektrum der Wissenschaft 1/1987S. Nur das Barometer an der Wand deutete Ungewoehnliches an: Der Luftdruck sackte in den Keller, als waere das Geraet hoffnungslos defekt. Air Data Inertial Reference Unit supplies incorrect data to the flight control computers. Gibt es zehn solcher kleinen Wahlkreise, sind damit bereits zwanzig Delegiertenplätze vergeben.

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Guardian, Patriot versus Tornado. Therac-25, X-ray (Overdosing patients during radiation, ) History's worst software bugs Therac_25/Therac_ml Safety-Critical Computing Therac-25 in metro bitcointalk lotos Related accidents: Medical errors Epinal, France: Patient dies after X-Ray blunder Patient exposed to high radiation Probleme mit imrt Systemkonfigurationen Strahlenskandal Eppendorf Kidney. JPMorgan loss by trading strategy Software update leads to erronous orders at Stock Exchange: Knight Capital looses 389 million, August 2012, 1, 2,. See also iPhone 3G glitches, and iPhone users plagued by software problems pcworld,. Sinking of the Zenobia (Failure of the computerized ballasting system, 1980) Zenobia Zenobia Ship Wreck, see also Wrack der Zenobia or Zenobia Other ship accidents: M/S Estonia, 1994, Herald of Free Enterprise, 1987, and Sinking of Vasa, 1628 Oil tanker catastrophes,.g. Leveson (Ariane 5, MCO, MPL, Challenger, Titan/Centaur/Milstar, Warsaw Airbus bugnet Y2K, Windows 98, PC Bug Fixes. Neumann Problems with space flights Software Aging, talk. More on Missile Defense: Chronology of missile defense, see also here and here. For background information see here, here, here, here. (Plale) Schroeder, and Fighting Bugs by Grottke, Trivedi Heisenberg effect in computer arithmetic: matlab example of Prof.

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See Delivery delays and SW problems, New York Times, and cadalyst. Thunderstorm "Lothar" in South Germany, Dec./26/99 (Weather Prediction fails because of ignored outlier data) Berliner Morgenpost vom.1.2000 DWD Fl?gelschlag des Schmetterlings, also here DWD Klimastatusbericht 1999, Orkantief Lothar DWD Vorhersagemodelle, Datenassimilation, also here, and here, Bewertung der Wetterlage, Wettervorhersage. Patriot Missile Risk, Patriot misled, Patriot fails again Patriots down Iraqui Missiles General Problem: Missile defense/Star wars: Review on Missile Defense Tests Video of the Hearing, Candid report on Missile defense SDI: Professional responsibility and talks on Parnas papers, Software. Wahlkreis C hat, wegen der Neun hinter dem Komma, gute Chancen auf einen weiteren Platz, Wahlkreis B nicht so gute. False alarm in Soviet early-warning monitoring system (Pattern recognition, 1983) Softwareqatest See also 8/3, norad-Moon or copy. 2006, Wrong, but still convincing, "ABC Transporter Debacle" by Phil Jeffrey, Misconduct and Paper Retractions, Retracted paper on MsbA, Retraction letter. Myers: Software Reliability Principles and Practice Digital Woes by Lauren Ruth Wiener Bill Gates Interview: No Bugs in WIN95 Comparison: computers to Cars, 2002 Microsoft statement on bugs Analysis of software bug causes and its prevention, Nakashima, Oyama, Hisada, Ishii, Information. Euro Conversion (Rounding errors) Rounding error DM to Euro Conversion arithmetics. Mars Rover Curiosity bug nasa, Malaysian MH 370 Possible reasons Germanwings 9525 Locked Door Software bug leads to retardation of brake system in ICE Delay in admission of new ICE trains, November 2012, 1, 2,. Beim Runden wird aus der Zahl 1,5 eine. Mars Climate Orbiter, Loss (Mixture of pounds and kilograms, 1999) nasa MCO webpage MCO report risk digest.1 MPL/MCO resources wikipedia Video animation of crash Mars Sonden Mars Polar Lander (spurious signals when the lander legs were deployed. Questions and Answers, August 1986, Risks Digest. Stock market fiasko 2010 and here.

NSA, Snowden, Privacy US spies on millions of cars, Car supervision. How computer took over our cars Cruise control failures, see also here BMW onboard drive dynamic control system fails Software bugs bremsen Luxusschlitten aus Mensch denkt, Chip lenkt: Software im Auto Airbag: Vom Retter erschlagen: Software bug. Spaceship Two - Virgin Galactic Crash Spacehip Two. Ml#FAQ1_3 Russian early-warning monitoring system 1983, Telephone bugs, Banking bugs, Software Engineering in general. Sibirian pipeline sabotage, 1982 Flaws in stolen software lead to explosion. See also Seminar nasa management: Berliner Morgenpost, i 2002: nasa is buying replacement parts for Space Shuttle computer chips at ebay nasa kauft Ersatzteile für Spaceshuttle bei eBay und Yahoo Houston. Related "New Year" - Bug: Space Shuttle computer is not designed to make the change from the 365th to the first day while in flight, ( here or slashdot article and Space shuttle computers and new year, Risk digest. August 2008: Abnormal take-off configuration with flaps at 0: no alarm sounded, see also here, and Spanair revisited Computer problems Airbus Qantas flight 72 from Singapur to Perth, October 7, 2008. 11 infamous software bugs: Windowds genuine, Osprey aircraft crash, end-of-the-world bugs. So wird auf möglichst gerechte Weise gewährleistet, dass keinem Wahlkreis ein halber oder ein Vierteldelegierter bewilligt wird.

metro bitcointalk

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Rounding Errors What is Rounding error, Pete Stewart: Roundtalk or citation in netlib Kahan and ieee How futile are mindless assessments of roundoff in floating-point computation (Kahan) Numerical Computation Guide (or here and Basic issues in float. Der Betroffene muss das abgehobene Geld zurückgeben so Schlegel weiter. Nasa Mariner 1, Venus probe (period instead of comma in fortran DO-Loop, 1962) Horror. Galileo failure Debakel, Sputniknews. Numerical Computing with ieee Floating Point Arithmetic, book by Michael Overton. Goldberg: What every computer scientist should know about floating-point arithmetic spec Benchmarks and float Java's float Cosine bug in Linux New: Ill-conditioned Correlation Matrices in Psychology Accuracy and Stability of numerical Algorithms, book by Nick Higham. At the battle of Austerlitz there were only.400 soldiers (16.000 Austrians left) of the coalition against.000 men fighting for Napoleon, see here in German or here in English. Big Data - Spying BIG data, Spying.