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Bitcoin thesis paper

bitcoin thesis paper

The Potential Risks And Challenges Of The Blockchain Technology Kibum Kim, Taewon Kang 2017 A Perspective On Blockchain Smart Contracts Henry Kim, Marek Laskowski 2017 Bitconduite: Visualizing And Analyzing Activity On The Bitcoin Network Christoph Kinkeldey, Jean-Daniel Fekete, Petra Isenberg 2017 On Blockchain-Based. Dominic Wörner, Thomas Von Bomhard, Yan-Peter Schreier, Dominik Bilgeri 2016 Of Two Minds, Multiple Addresses, and One Ledger: Characterizing Opinions, Knowledge, and Perceptions of Bitcoin Across Users and Non-Users Xianyi Gao, Gradeigh. Jamal Bouoiyour, Refk Selmi 2017 Testing For Asymmetric Nonlinear Short-And Long-Run Relationships Between Bitcoin, Aggregate Commodity And Gold Prices Elie Bouri, Rangan Gupta, Amine Lahiani, Muhammad Shahbaz, others 2017 An Exploratory Study On The Influence Of Guidelines On Crowdfunding Projects. Luther 2015 Bitcoin and the Bailout William. Luther 2013 Digital Money Substitutes in a Two Sided Marked Perspective - A Case Study on Bitcoin Espen Sunde Malmo 2013 Are Cryptocurrencies 'Super' Tax Havens? Blockchain Algorithms And Fog Computing For The Efficient Regulation NN Pokrovskaia 2017 Blockchain, For An Enhanced Passenger Experience At Amsterdam Airport Schiphol Tess Poot 2017 Blockchain-Oriented Software Engineering: Challenges And New Directions Simone Porru, Andrea Pinna, Michele Marchesi, Roberto Tonelli. The Bitcoin Phenomenon David Flint 2014 Competition in the Cryptocurrency Market Neil Gandal, Hanna Halaburda 2014 The digital traces of bubbles: feedback cycles between socio-economic signals in the Bitcoin economy David Garcia, Claudio Juan Tessone, Pavlin Mavrodiev, Nicolas Perony binary options practice sites reviews 2014. McCallum 2015 Authenticated Key Exchange over Bitcoin Patrick McCorry, Siamak. Bouncken 2015 Analysis of Reward Strategy and Transaction Selection in Bitcoin Block Generation Elisabeth Senmarti Robla 2015 A Bit of Strategic Innovation?: Bitcoin for Sports Ticket Sales David Rolfe, Stephen.

Bitcoin Research Papers - Academia

A Systematic Review Jesse Yli-Huumo, Deokyoon Ko, Sujin Choi, Sooyong Park, Kari Smolander 2016 A Blockchain Based on Gossip? Insight into Large-Scale Transaction Graphs. An Economic Appraisal David Yermack Bitter to Better How to Make Bitcoin a Better Currency Simon Barber, Xavier Boyen, Elaine Shi, Ersin Uzun 2012 An Analysis of Anonymity in the Bitcoin System Fergal Reid, Martin Harrigan 2012 Can We Afford Integrity by Proof-of-Work? Ametrano 2014 Hayek Money: The Cryptocurrency Price Stability Solution Ferdinando. Gerhards-Padilla 2012 Quasi-Commodity Money (Original version of the later 'Synthetic Commodity Money George Selgin 2012 Bitcoin clients Rostislav Skudnov 2012 More Money, More Problems: The Bitcoin Virtual Currency and the Legal Problems that Face It Daniel Smith 2012 Virtual. Thomas M Hughes 2018, emr: The New Gold Standard Or The Bitcoin Of The Present. Zyskind (MIT Media Lab.

Felten 2015 On Bitcoin as a public randomness source Joseph Bonneau, Jeremy Clark, Steven Goldfeder 2015 Virtual Realty: Transforming Bitcoin into Space Mikal Bouillot 2015 Bitcoin Price: Is it really that New Round of Volatility can be on way? M Gebert 2014 Is Bitcoin a Decentralized Currency? An empirical investigation into the fundamental value of Bitcoin Eng-Tuck Cheah, John Fry 2015 Crypto-currency bubbles: an application of the PhillipsShiYu (2013) methodology. Empirical Insights on the Influence of Media Coverage on the Bitcoin Bubble Florian Glaser, Martin Haferkorn, Moritz Christian Weber, Kai Zimmermann (Goethe University Frankfurt Faculty of Economics) 2014 Bitcoin: something seems to be 'fundamentally' wrong Jose. Dwyer 2015 Bitcoin Dynamics: The Inverse Square Law of Price Fluctuations and Other Stylized Facts S Easwaran, M Dixit, S Sinha 2015 Bitcoin: The Next Revolution in International Payment Processing? Kroll, Andrew Miller, Arvind Narayanan 2014 Using an Artificial Financial Market for studying a Cryptocurrency Market Luisanna Cocco, Giulio Concas, Michele Marchesi 2014 Alderney: gambling, Bitcoin and the art of unorthodoxy John Connell (University of Sydney) 2014 Optimizing SHA256 in Bitcoin Mining Nicolas. Evolving Forms of Money Sunduzwayo Madise 2015 Mobile Money and Airtime: Emerging Forms of Money Sunduzwayo Madise 2015 The Impacts of Social Media on Bitcoin Performance Feng Mai, Qing Bai, Zhe Shan, Xin (Shane) Wang, Roger.L. Beat Weber 2014 Bitcoin and the legitimacy crisis of money Beat Weber 2014 The Time Value of a Digital Currency: Bitcoin Interest Rates Dynamics Nicolas Wesner 2014 The Troubling Suppression of Competition from Alternative Monies: The Cases of the Liberty Dollar and E-Gold Lawrence. Shahandasti, Feng Hao 2016 Refund attacks on Bitcoins Payment Protocol Patrick McCorry, Siamak. Baur, Julian Bühler, Markus Bick, Charlotte.

(PDF) Research and Challenges on Bitcoin Anonymity

Greebel, Kathleen Moriarty, Claudia Callaway, Gregory Xethalis 2015 Bitcoin: Where Two Worlds Collide Russ Marshall 2015 Discovering Bitcoin's public topology and influential nodes Andrew Miller, James Litton, Andrew Pachulski, Neal Gupta, Dave Levi, Neil Spring, Bobby Bhattacharjee 2015 Shadow-Bitcoin: Scalable Simulation. Trautman 2014 Rethinking Virtual Currency Regulation in the Bitcoin Age Kevin. Pichain: When bitcoin thesis paper A Blockchain Meets Paxos. Kitabn beinci bölümünde Blok Zinciri kavram detayl olarak açklanm, merkezi ve merkezi olmayan internet yaplar, a yaplar, kod yaplar ve teknolojisi ele alnmtr. . Fairfield, Washington, Lee University School of Law 2014 BitProperty Joshua Fairfield 2014 Analyzing the Deployment of Bitcoin's P2P Network under an AS-level Perspective Feld, Sebastian, Sch?nfeld, Mirco, Werner, Martin 2014 Bitcoin: A Regulatory Nightmare to a Libertarian Dream Primavera De Filippi.

White 2014 The Bitcoin Question: Currency versus Trust-less Transfer Technology Adrian Blundell-Wignall 2014 Characteristics of Bitcoin Users: An Analysis of Google Search Data Matthew Graham Wilson, Aaron Yelowitz 2014 On the Complexity and Behaviour of Cryptocurrencies Compared to Other Markets. Altnc bölümde Blok Zinciri teknolojisinin uygulama alanlar ve finansal sisteme etkileri anlatlmtr. Can Handle Bitcoin's Threat to American Investors. A Nonparametric Causality-in-Quantiles Approach Mehmet Balcilar, Elie Bouri, Rangan Gupta, David Roubaud 2016 Could Blockchain provide the technical fix to solve sciences reproducibility crisis? Gregoriou, Lam Pak Nian 2015 The Economics of Bitcoins - Market Characteristics and Price Jumps Marc Gronwald 2015 Blockchains and Bitcoin: Regulatory responses to cryptocurrencies Andres Guadamuz, Chris Marsden 2015 Secure Bitcoin Wallet Sevil Guler 2015 Hierarchical deterministic Bitcoin wallets. Lakshman 2016 The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Address Clustering Martin Harrigan, Christoph Fretter 2016 O Bitcoin Where Art Thou?

Cabra - Comprehensive Academic Bitcoin Research Archive

An Empirical Analysis of Potential Use Cases Benedikt. Nils Winkler, Bj"orn Matthies 2018 Born Global Market Dominators And Implications For The Blockchain Avantgarde Simone Wurster, Moritz B"ohmecke-Schwafert, Frank Hofmann, Knut Blind 2018 Blockchain And Bitcoin: The Revolution Of The Financial Industry Saghrane Mohamed Yassine, Alaoui Lalla Latifa, Benayache Sarah 2018. Parann temel kavramlar ve yeni yaklamlar açklanrken Türkiyedeki durum da belirtilmitir. Analysis of the Rise and Fall of a Leading Virtual Currency Exchange Platform Francesco Bolici, Sara Della Rosa 2015 Research perspectives on Bitcoin and second-generation cryptocurrencies Joseph Bonneau, Andrew Miller, Jeremy Clark, Arvind Narayanan, Joshua. a Position Paper Robbert van Renesse 2016 The Bitcoin Brain Drain: Examining the Use and Abuse of Bitcoin Brain Wallets Marie Vasek, Joseph Bonneau, Ryan bitcoin thesis paper Castellucci, Cameron Keith, Tyler Moore 2016 Sketching Bitcoin: Empirical Research Of Digital Affordances. Jamal Bouoiyour, Refk Selmi 2016 What drives Bitcoin price? This Chart Will Tell You If The Technology Can Solve Your Problem Morgen E Peck 2017 The Blossoming Of The Blockchain Morgen E Peck, Samuel K Moore 2017 Energy Trading For Fun And Profit Buy Your Neighbor'S Rooftop Solar. Liu, Ron Steinfeld, Shi-Feng Sun, Xinyi Huang 2016 property OR currency?

Cross-Country Evidence from Bitcoin Markets Robert Viglione 2015 Profitability from mining bitcoins: Should you still enter the Bitcoin mining competition? Reed 2014 The issue of competing currencies. Luther 2015 Regulating Bitcoin: On What Grounds? Levin College of Law) 2013 When perhaps the real problem is money itself!: the practical materiality of Bitcoin Bill Maurer, Taylor Nelms, Lana Swartz 2013 A Fistful of Bitcoins: Characterizing Payments Among Men with No Names Sarah Meiklejohn, Marjori Pomarole. The Bitcoin Phenomenon Eric E Lewis 2016 Backing Rich Credentials with a Blockchain PKI Karen Lewison, Francisco Corella 2016 The Technology And Economic Determinants Of Cryptocurrency Exchange Rates: The Case Of Bitcoin Xin Li, Chong Alex Wang 2016 Behind. Nelms, Bill Maurer 2014 When Money Learns to Fly: Towards Sensing as a Service Applications Using Bitcoin Kay Noyen, Dirk Volland, Dominic Wörner, Elgar Fleisch 2014 Bitcoin Mining and its Energy Footprint.J.