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is binary trading halal islam q&a

Yastrebov and Valery. Comparison Analysis of the Influences on the Directivity of Acoustic Vector Sensor by Soft Sphere, Prolate Spheroid and Finite Cylinder Boundaries (Ji Jianfei, Liang Guolong and Zhang Guangpu).877-884. PDF Game-type Image Analysis System for Recognition Rehabilitation of the Elder and Infirm (Myung-Jae Lim, Myung-Gwan Kim and Young-Man Kwon).1237-1242. PDF Vol.20,.7(B July, 2017 cover PDF Management and Social Sciences Ethical Role of Information System Based on Online Technology: Consumer's Perspective on Online Information of Ethic Management of a Travel Agency (Woong-Ki Min, Jin-Hee Ku and Nam-Jo Kim).5085-5092. PDF On the Use of Forest Sounds for Relieving Depression Focusing on Characteristics of Human Brainwaves (Won-Hee Lee, Myung-Sook Kim and Myung-Jin Bae).3725-3730. PDF Impact of Supply Chain Relationship Quality on the Relational Performance: The Moderating Effects of Supply Chain Agility (You Kyung Lee).4941-4948. PDF Does Social Work bitcoin hardware wallet review Supervision Affect Social Workers' Professional Efficacy? PDF The Analysis of Subjective Physical Symptoms and Physiological Indexes of Hemodialysis Patients Focused on the Highflux Hemodialysis (Jung Hur).3623-3634. PDF Vol.19,.8(B August, 2016 cover PDF Mathematical and Natural Sciences Improvement of Thermal Property in Poly(L-Lactied) via Trifluoromethyl Substituion (Jeonghun Kim and Sungchul Hong).3319-3326.

Technology and Science News - ABC News

PDF Visualizing the State of Antebrachial Muscular Activities using Surface Electromyography Signals (Kyosuke yoshimura, is binary trading halal islam q&a Hidetoshi nagai and Teigo nakamura).3911-3920. Wireless Sensor Monitoring System for Hydrogen Leakage Detection (Seokcheol Lee, Hoonsik Jang, Unbong Baek, Changsoo Kim and Seunghoon Nahm).1777-1782. PDF Proposals for the Threshold Volume for the Application of Safeguard Measures of an East Asia FTA (Shim, Chong Seok and Ho Kim).4883-4888. PDF Automatic Recommendation System for Travel Places using Intelligence Rules (HakSoo Han, ManKi Kim, YouSik Hong).3635-3640. MSL : Modified Secure Lock for Efficient Group Rekeying (Yaser. Determining and Predicting Proper Man-months in IT Outsourcing Service by Employing Bayesian Networks (Nam Yong Jo and Kun Chang Lee).3005-3014. PDF An Exploratory Research on the Concentration Ratio of Narrative Elements and Its Application to Clustering Korean Classical Texts (Woonho choi and Dong Kun KIM).5091-5098. PDF Influence of Interpersonal Relationship of Volunteers on the Continuity of Volunteer Activity (Hee-jin Kang and Sung-je Cho).5819-5824. Al-Otaibi and Samir El-Masri).77-94.

PDF An Advanced Ceramic Defect Detection with Anisotropic Filtering and Diagonal Binarization (Kwang Baek Kim and Doo Heon Song).181-188. PDF The Impact of the Weakness of Internal Control of Financial Reporting Systems for earnings management in Korea's mutual savings banks (Soon-Mi Yu and Hyun-Jung Kang).2673-2678. PDF Wikipedia-based Concept Networks: A Probabilistic Approach (Han-joon Kim and Ga-hui Lee).7387-7398. Human Reliability Analysis in Complicated Armament Equipment System (Jianxin Huang and Yaqin Bian).5867-5878. PDF Mitigating DOS Attacks in Software Defined Network (Yustus Eko Oktian, SangGon Lee, is binary trading halal islam q&a HoonJae Lee and JunHuy Lam).3523-3532. A Design of iptsf (IP Traceback System based on Forensics) Against Network Attacks Using both BLH (Black List based on a Hash Function) and tfap (Traffic Flow Analysis based on a Priority) (Ina Jung, EunHee Jeong and ByungKwan Lee).3443-3450. Simultaneous Tracking of Multiple Moving Objects using Entropy Mask Image and Fast Level Set Method for Video Surveillance (Wan Hyun Cho, In Seop Na, Soon Young Park and Soo Hyung Kim).4923-4936. Multi-Agent Based Simulation for Evaluation of Mobile Business Models (Gyoo Gun Lim, Kun Chang Lee, Won Jun Seo and Dae Chul Lee).3063-3080. PDF Regret Appraisals, Regret Coping Styles and Subjective Well-Being in Middle-Aged Men (Sung Hee Lee and Su Hyun Jang).325-338. PDF A Comparative Study on Aspect in English Present Perfect and Korean Past Tense Affix '-?-' -focused on Topic Time (Ji-Hye Lee and Mun-Koo Kang).3451-3456. The Effects of Professional Service Quality on ERP System Satisfaction (Iuan-Yuan Lu, Tsuang Kuo, Sheng-Chan Chiu, Wen-Pin Lee and Chia-Chi Hsu).8635-8652. PDF The Communication on Enforcement of Open Burning Cases in Malaysia (Muhammad Khairil, Cheryl Stephen Jeganathan, Muhammad Rizal Razman, Sharifah Zarina Syed Zakaria and Kadir Arifin).1549-1554. Optimizing Ontology and Semantic Search Using Genetic and Greedy Algorithms Approach (ihari and.

Contents - International Information Institute

Rural Information Poverty and Farmers' Information Right -Take China's Western Rural Areas for Example (Chunnian Liu, Zhongwen Chen and Dehui Yang).4501-4506. Fs Attenuation by Dust (Qianzhao Lei).2821-2828. Classifying Consumer Regulatory Focus by Analyzing Small and Imbalanced Web Shopping Logs (Jongbum Baik, Chungseok Han, Eunyoung Jang, Yongbum Kim, Jayoung Choi and Soowon Lee).5687-5698. PDF Intellectual Property Rights: A Challenge for Indonesian Trademark Law (Syafrinaldi, Muhammad Rizal Razman, Syed Zahirruddin Syed Zakaria and Mohd Talib Latif).1711-1718. A Methodology on Password Based User Authentication for Multi-Touch Environment (Ju, Seung-hwan, Seo, Hee-suk, Lee, Seung-jae and Kim, Min-su).835-846. PDF Job Applicant Recruitment via Reputation of "Career-Friendly" Organization (Won Jun Kwak).4091-4100. Hierarchical Organization of Shader Data for Effective Search (Jung-Im Won, Min-Hee Jang, Sang-Wook Kim and Jin-Soo Cho).6203-6218. PDF A Taint Analysis Enabling Technique for Detecting Contact Information Leak App (Manhee Lee).6549-6556. Low-Power Algorithm for edzl Scheduling on Multicore Processors (Xuefeng Piao, Heeheon Kim, Yookun Cho, Sangchul Han, Minkyu Park, Moonju Park and Seongje Cho).1613-1628.

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3D Motion Estimation Based on Straight-Line Optical Flow Using Ant Colony Algorithm (Congxuan Zhang, Zhen Chen, Ming Li and Shuigen Wei).5271-5278. PDF Factors Influencing Decision to Continue Hospitalization in People with Mental Illness (Inhong Kim and Younghee Park).8545-8554. PDF A Structural Safety Study on Hub Bearing due to the Contact Area of Caliper Pad Using Simulation Analysis (K. PDF Management and Social Sciences Evaluating Computer Mediated Comforting Communication Theory In Online Education Support Group (Ahmad Subhi Bin Zolkafly and Rahayu Ahmad).4671-4676. Simulation of High Frequency Properties of Octagonal Spiral-type Planar Magnetic Inductors for Direct-write Technique Applications (Myunghee Jung and Eui-Jung Yun).2469-2480.

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PDF Influence of Adaptation to School Life in Career Maturity of Adolescents (Deog-sun Choi and Sung-Je Cho).5447-5452. PDF Public Awareness of Library and Information Science through Text Mining (Jane Cho).1925-1932. PDF Industry Evaluation Analysis System for Enhanced Industry Analysis Information (Kyungwon Kim, Tae-Beom Lim and Kyoungro Yoon).2537-2542. Multi-channel Based Parallel CRC Computation With cpld Implementation (XU Zhan-qi, yang Fan, ding Zhe and dong Huai-nan).6589-6596. PDF Positional Variance of the Hand based on Linear Quadratic Regulator in Two-Link Upper-Arm Reaching Movements (Yoshiaki Taniai, Tomohide Naniwa and Munadi).17-24. FDaily Records and Nurses? PDF The Need for an Integrated Disaster Management System for Lead Responding Agency in Malaysia During Response and Recovery Phase (Khairilmizal,., ussin, Ainul Husna,., Ahmad Ihsan Mohd Yassin, Wan is binary trading halal islam q&a Ahmad Syafiq Hilmi bin Wan Abdull Hamid, Mohamad. Intelligent Fault Diagnosis Method for Rotating Machinery (Jianghui Cai and Wenjun Meng).6483-6490. Model and Implementation of Forensic Readiness for Privacy Protection on Cloud Service (Yong-Nyuo Shin and Dong-Kyun Lim).6419-6426. Yeom and Sooyong Kang) Throughput and Delay Performance of Voice over Wireless LAN : Analysis and Enhancement (Lin Zhang, Yingtian Du and Ke Yu) Implementation of mpeg-7 Document Management System Based on XML Database (Byeong-Tae Ahn and Min Sun Kim) An Evolutionary. Medicine and Life Sciences Analysis of Brainwave Characteristic Frequency Bands under Different Physiological Statuses (Fu-Chien Kao and Jian-Hao Jhong).7249-7258. PDF Integral Control of bldcm Considering Influence of Perturbation (Yong Ho Jeon and Shin Won Lee).3979-3986. PDF Medicine and Life Sciences Gender and Age- Specific Blood Pressure Control among Hypertensive Adults in South Korea: Based on a Cross-Sectional National Survey (Eunok Park and Hyo Geun Geun).4281-4290.

PDF Assembly-based Neighbor Discovery Protocol for Internet of Things (Woosik Lee, Jong-Hoon Youn and Teukseob Song).599-608. An Efficient Online Hierarchical Mediator System for Adaptive Query Optimization based on Evaluation Cost (Nam Hun Park and Kil Hong Joo).639-644. Vital Index Evaluation for Information Industry with Hybrid Strategy of Clustering Algorithm and Analytic Hierarchical Process (Youzhu Li, Jingbo Xia, Chongguang Li).4005-4018. Genetic Algorithm for Energy Efficient Clustering in Multi-hop Wireless Sensor Networks (Selim Bayrakl?, Senol Zafer Erdogan and Sajid Hussain).9009-9022. PDF Multi-Sensory Stimulation Method for Concentration Improvement of the University's Library (Ye-Jin Lee and Myung-Ho Kim).6011-6018. RFM Analysis for Detecting Core Research Topics (Dohyun Kim, Oh-Jin Kwon, Sejung Ahn and June Young Lee).39-44. Block Construction for Task Graphs (Lin Chen, Qi-Wei Ge, Mitsuru Nakata and Hirotoshi Tonou).8579-8588. PDF A Method of Obtaining Sense of Touch by Using EEG (Tsukasa Nakamura, Yohei Tomita and Yasue Mitsukura).621-632. Guideline to Tailoring the Software Product Line Engineering Process (Jeong Ah Kim and JinSeok Yang).5627-5636. PDF Agriculture and Engineering Design of Online Action 3D Game based on DirectX (Youngsik Kim and Taek-Soo Jeong).1573-1582.

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PDF The Mediating Effect of Differentiation of Self between the Family of Origin Experiences and Their Marital Satisfaction among Korean Married Women (Junho Lim and Sangmoo Lee).1667-1674. PDF The Russian Experience of Fighting Cyber Suicide Among Minors (Alexander Ostroushko, Liudmila Bukalerova and Mariya Simonova).447-458. Quality of Protection for Multimedia Services via Wireless Mesh Networks (Sun-Hee Lim, Okyeon Yi and Jong-Hyun Kim).5145-5158. Malicious Peer Identification using both Goodness and Wickedness Metrics (Pilar Manzanares-Lopez, Josemaria Malgosa-Sanahuja and Juan Pedro Munoz-Gea).1981-2000. PDF Korean Pre-service English Teachers' Motivations for Choosing a Teaching Career (Sunhee Choi and Jiyoung Song).921-926.

PDF How to Manage Portfolio by Robo-Advisor (Jae Yeon Park, Jae Pil Ryu and Hyun Joon Shin).3463-3470. PDF A Study on Costing of Personal Information Leakages Based on Enterprises' Activities in Response (Jisoo Kim and Jinho Yoo).505-522. A Radio Interface Selection Scheme for a Stable End-to-End Connectivity Guarantee in Multi-network (JooSang Youn).6189-6202. Reliability-aware Replica Selection for Data-intensive Applications on Data Grids (Wei Du, Guohua Cui and Wei Liu).3913-3920. PDF Enhancing Students' Understanding of Geography through Concept Mapping (Radiman Idris, Rosmawijah Jawawi, Rohani Matzin and Jainatul Halida Jaidin).7151-7158. Bayesian based Admission Control (BAC) Policy for Distributed Video-on -Demand System (Sami Saleh Alwakeel, Hesham Abdulaziz Altwaijry and Muhammad Ammad-udDin).3603-3610. An Acknowledged System of Systems Architecture Description Method (Jae-Hong Ahn, Yeunseung Ryu and Doo-Kwon Baik).2277-2282. Evaluating the Psychometric Properties of the Second Language Writing Anxiety Inventory: The Rasch Measurement Approach (So Young Jang and Sunhee Choi).5235-5240. Mauer, Woosoon Yim).3815-3830. Classification using DEA and SVM Approaches: The Empirical Study of Higher Education (Han-Ying Kao, Chia-Hui Huang and Jhih-Yong Chen).7801-7810. PDF Web-Based Disclosure: A Comparative Study between Malaysian and Singaporean Non-Profit Organisations (Sarah Zainal Abidin Shah, Saunah Zainon, Akmal Aini Othman and Veera Pandiyan Kaliani Sundram).4051-4056. PDF A Study on Renewable Energy Generation for Decentralized Grid Resources and Services (Hyeok Sang Kwon, Sang Kyeong Lee, Ahmed Abdullah saand youssouf, Young-Sang Yoon, Se-Jeong Park, Yongtae Shin, Jong-Bae Kim).2263-2268. Nijinsky (Tatiana Portnova).4775-4782.

PDF Secure and Robust Enterprise Digital Rights Management Protocol with Efficient Storage (Maged Hamada Ibrahim).625-640. PDF Attitude of the Student Nurses about Euthanasia before and after Their Clinical Practics (Myung Hae Kim, Gum Jung Kim and Muyeong Seak Yang).4499-4504. PDF Early Childhood Teachers' Concepts of Constructivist Teaching and Learning (Jeong-Hwa Lee and Ji-Young Kim).7955-7962. Video Streaming: Single and Compound Report Transcoding Method (trivel and Dr hisha).3849-3858. Quality Management Practices and Firm Performance: A Cluster Analysis (Junfeng Li and Yong Long).967-976. (Gao Wen and Shozaburo Sakai).391-398. Research on Shortest Path Algorithm during Network Generation (Qingjun Li, Wentian Cui, Xiaoming Sun and Haihua Hu).1493-1498. Automatic Removal of Continuous and Various Blotch in Digital Film Restoration (Xin Lu).3165-3174. Designing User Profiling Prototype for Identification of Malicious Forums (Maqsood Mahmud, Muhammad El Mogy, Muhammad Khurram Khan, Khaled. A Novel Architectural Framework for Aggregated Subscriber Profile - ldap Interface (Jagannadham Dulipala and.

is binary trading halal islam q&a

Analysis, fX Technical Analysis Exclusive

Pena) Semantic Intensity : A Measure of Visual Relevance (Gerardo Beni and Nicoletta Adamo-Villani) A Novel Architecture Design for A Low-Power Mobile Magnetometer (Tomoyuki Nagase, Takashi Araki, Shigeyuki Kitamura, Makoto Araki and Hisao Ono) Rough Sets and Genetic Programming. PDF Some Useful Properties of Trinion Fourier Transform (Mawardi Bahri, Mulkiah, Anisa Kalondeng, leh AF and Ryuichi Ashino).5489-5498. A Doppler Frequency Compensation Algorithm Based on M-Sequence (Su Xi, Wang Yiying, Bai Peng, Feng Yanping).779-784. Implementation of Responsive Contents Template for Smart Learning (Hyoungchul Kim, Chihyun Ahn and Yoonsik Kwak).2193-2198. A Study for Representing and Managing Propagation in Configuration Requirement of SaaS (Jongdae Han, Byungjeong Lee, Jaewon Oh and Chisu Wu).7407-7422. High-dimensional Data Mining in Finance by Robust Semi-supervised Kernel Classiers on Maximum Covariance Discriminant Subspace (Shian-Chang Huang and Tung-Kuang Wu).7473-7492. A modified Chaos Prediction Approach of Aero-engine Performance Parameters Based on Box-Cox transformation and PLS regression (Chunxiao Zhang and Junjie Yue).937-946. The Design and Simulation Analysis of a High-frequency and High-voltage Switching Mode Power Supply for Electrostatic Precipitators (L. PDF Factors Influencing Urban Household Food Insecurity in a Low Income Neighbourhood in South Africa (Wynand Grobler).7179-7190. A Shared Key Distribution Method for Secure Information (Yojiro Takehana, Tomoyuki Nagase and Yoshio Yoshioka).1593-1604. Lee, Jongmin Kim and Doo-Sung Baik).203-210.

PDF Study about Future of Schooling based on Storytelling and Narrative (Hyeon-Suk Kang, Ho-Jae Jeon, Ji-Eun Lee).2313-2322. PDF Using Information Technology to Enhance Business Education in Palestine: A Theoretical View (Sharif. PDF Implementation of Information Systems Master List of Documents based on Quality Management System Standard ISO 9001:2008 Case Study at stmik amikom Yogyakarta (Akhmad Dahlan).4075-4080. A Distributed Cultural Tourist Guide System Using HMM-Based Speech Recognition and Speech Synthesis (Kwang Myung Jeon, Duk Su Kim, Ji Hun Park, Woo Kyeong Seong, Hong Kook Kim and Seong Ro Lee).1579-1586. Enhancing IP Blacklist for Botnet Detection (Aneel Rahim, Khizar Hayat, Muhammad Sher, Tai-hoon Kim).3335-3342. PDF A Study on the System for Analyzing Social Network Information (Eun-Jee Song, Suk-Jung Hong and Min-Shik Kang).4253-4258. Hedonic Price Modeling of the Quality Attributes of Products (Hyung Seok Lee).1925-1934. Extraction of Concrete Cracks Using ART2-based Hybrid Neural Network (Kwang-Baek Kim, Am Suk Oh and Gyeongyong Heo).2139-2144. Medicine and Life Sciences A Re-sequencing Tool for High-throughput Long Reads Based on UNImarker with Non-Overlapping iNterval Indexing Strategy (Chun-Yuan Lin, Che-Lun Hung and Yu-Chen Hu).827-832. PDF A Study on Speeches of Kim Jong-un, North Korean Leader: Changes Detected from Imitating Kim Il-sung to Shaping his Own Voice (Seong-Geon Bae, Myung-Sook Kim and Myung-Jin Bae).3731-3736. F Intention to Provide Private Information Online (Wang Hongwei, Zhou Man, Yin Pei and He Shaoyi).1477-1492. Attribute Set Based Encryption for User Centric Data Security and Privacy in Cloud-Assisted wbans (Ragesh G K and K Baskaran).2207-2216.

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Authorship Attribution of Cell-phone E-mail (Ryoko Tanaka and Mingzhe Jin).1217-1226. PDF The Moderating Effects of Price on the Seller Trust-Price Premiums Relationship from the Perspective of Consumer Behavior in the Online Open Marketplace (Lee-Sang Jung and Jung-Hee Han).3003-3008. Chaotic Characteristics Extraction of Acupuncture Neural Electrical Signals (Chun-Xiao Han, Jiang Wang, Yiu Kwong Wong and Kai Ming Tsang).8111-8120. Hybrid Intelligent Algorithm of RBF Neural Network with Variable Length Structure (She Yuanguo).2571-2578. PDF Negative Impacts of Forcibleness of Retargeting Advertising on Brand Loyalty (Dong Soon Shin and Miyea Kim).6047-6054. Comparative Analysis of Distance of Dependency in Human-Translated and Machine-Translated Sentences (Takehiko Yoshimi).2155-2168. Fs Falling and Relieve Patient? An Efficient Method for Gas Safety Monitoring using Smart Devices (Jeong Seok Oh).1789-1794. Verifiable Storage Structure for Reputation in P2P Networks (Hua Sun, Jiong Yu, Bin Liao and Xing-yao Yang).4953-4958. Building Knowledge Domain N-Gram Model for Mobile Devices (Dongjin Choi, Byungkyu Ko, Myunggwon Hwang and Pankoo Kim).3583-3590.

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PDF TEE Unit Design for Authentic Communication based on UbD (Insook Cho and Hyeon-Suk Kang).3057-3062. PDF The Determinant of Sales Career Tenure among Insurance Salesperson (Masilah is binary trading halal islam q&a Mohamad and Khairul Azfar Adzahar).4701-4706. PDF Splicing Side and Front Face Images Seamlessly by Applying Iterative Fusion Algorithm with n*n Wave-low-pass Filters (Junfeng Yao, Yu Zhan, Chih-Cheng Hung, Xiaobiao Xie and Guoli Ji).609-620. PDF A Qualitative Case Study of the Support Experiences of Residential Service Staffs for the Independent Living of People with Developmental Disabilities (Miok Kim and Min Ah Jung).2139-2148. PDF Analysis of the Perception of Maladjusted Children among Preservice Early Childhood Teachers (Hee-Seon Koh).8003-8010. PDF Efficient Method to Discover and Update the Korean Unnown Foreign Word (Irfan Ajmal Khan, Ji Hoon Seo and Jin Tak Choi).1535-1544. PDF Fast Noise Removal in Nondestructive Crack Detection and Analysis for Concrete Slab Structure Health Monitoring (Kwang Baek Kim and Doo Heon Song).871-876. PDF The Relationship between Imageability and Acquisition of Nouns and Verbs in Korean Young Children (Hyoung Jai Kim and Soon Ohk Hong).1911-1918. PDF A Study on the Risk Analysis of the Existing Transformer Capacity for the Apartment Considering Potential Increase of EVs (Jihun Choi, Sung-Yul Kim and Ju Lee).5185-5192.

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Focusing on the Child and Youth Psychological Support Service and Child Emotional Development Support Service (Hyun-Ok Kang and Hye-Won Hwang).6079-6086. PDF Gaze Direction Recognition Based on Isophote Curvature for Monitoring of Driver Attention (Seungdo Jeong and Jongho Kim).1213-1220. PDF Cooperative MAC Protocol based on Transmission Rate and Channel Contention Level in Wireless Networks (Sunmyeng Kim).3655-3672. A Bit-wise Partial Encryption Scheme for Flash Memory Based Storage Systems (Surafel Teshome, Sungsoo Kim and Tae-Sun Chung).7565-7584. PDF A Structural Equation Modeling Analysis of the Relationships between Activities of Daily Living, Depression, and Successful Aging among the Korean Elderly with Disabilities (Jung-Min, Choi and Jung-Bin, Yang).2149-2156. Using Attribute Programming to Extend Groovy for Monitoring Variables and Methods (Carlos Cortinhas and Fernando Barros).5997-6008. PDF Building Your Company with Strong Vision Platform (Kim Gye Soo).3021-3026. A New Method for Estimating Models of Seasonal Adjustment with AR Component (Koki Kyo and Hideo Noda).29-50.

Setam: An Integrated Model for Software Security Testing Requirements Behavior (Zhanwei Hui, Song Huang, Xiaoming Liu and Bin Hu).4435-4442. Tree Modeling Methods from 3D Point Cloud? PDF Development of Korean only E-Learning Systems for Education of Handicapped Students (Sang-Hyun Lee).4091-4098. Resource-Aware Reliable Networking for CPS Environment and Performance Evaluation (Jongryool Kim, is binary trading halal islam q&a KyeongTae Kim, Soo-Hyung Lee and JongWon Kim).8529-8534. PDF Variable Length Block Algorithm for User-level File System (Young-Jun Yoo, Byung-Kwan Kim, Jin Kim, Saang-Yong Uhmn, Sung-Bong Jang and Young-Woong Ko).2003-2008. Reliability Analysis of Fuzzy Unrepairable Systems (Ying Liu and Haiming Zhu).3935-3944. PDF Study of a Series of Speeches Walter Gropius in japan (Ming LI).3419-3428. PDF Changes in the Particles Models of the Korean Elementary Students about the State of Water (Il-Ho Yang, Jin-Seo Ha and Kwang-Ho Lee).3445-3450.

is binary trading halal islam q&a

PDF Use of the AHP Technique in Ranking the Elements of Media Technology Employed in Teaching and Learning (T L) (Zurinah Tahir and Mohd. Simple yet Efficient Pixel-Based Graphics Retrieval (Shang-An Li, Songzhi Su, Shu-Yuan Chen, Der-Jyh Duh and Shaozi Li).4567-4582. PDF A Dissociation of Vision and Action for Selecting Grasp Positions in Different Task Demands (Takahiro Komatsu and Masazumi Katayama).2445-2454. Effects of Educational Game on the Intrinsic Motivation by Learner's Traits (Hyung-sung Park, Young-Tae Kim, Young-sik Kang and Jung-hwan Park).905-910. Reliability Analysis and Design for the Aerospace Valve (Tianxiang Yu, Weimin Cui, Bifeng Song and Ta Wu).5787-5794. PDF Shortcomings Technology Transfer In Indonesia: A Critical Appraisal (Abd Thalib, Fithriatus Shalihah, Muhammad Rizal Razman and Kadir Arifin).1719-1728.